6 ways help you care of your bag

//6 ways help you care of your bag

6 ways help you care of your bag

6 ways help you care of your bag

Many people are upset how to care of their bags,here 6 ways help you care of your bag
1. In General,most bags are cleaned with dust or dirty by using a cleaning brush or a clean cotton cloth suitable for various materials .
how to care for your bag

2. Leather bags,you can use a leather cleaner to wipe,the wipe glasses lens cloth is a good help,cheap and easy to use,will not scratch your favorite bag,uniform smear can make the bag to restore luster .

3. Nylon bag and fabric bag,you can gently press the surface  of the bag with a damp cloth without water,in addition to silk,silk and satin bags ,you can use a shoe brush(or tooth brush)dipped in anhydrous alcohol directly brush,after brushing,will clean as the new. When cleaning,pay attention to ventilatio,otherwise the house is full of alcohol small. When brushing,it is best to follow one direction .(It is best not to use medical alcohol,because medical alcohol is 75% alcohol and 25% water. If there is water,then there will be some dirty marks after cleaning .

4. Bag with different composite material ,such as suede surface,leather bag body..etc,should be handled separately when cleaning . In addition,if the bag is decorated with rivets or metal buckles and other materials,must also pay attention to the use of metal cleaning to carefully maintain,do not let the metal part of the rust to destroy the overall beauty of the bag.

5. Regardless of any kind of material bag,after the cleaning should be palced in a ventilated place to dry,do not take it to the sun in order to seek fast,because after washing ,it is the most vulnerable time,suddenly irradiation at high temperatures can cause the bag to fade or the leather to become hard and brittle .

6. If you bag is brand-name,usually comes with a dust bag .If you really do not use the bag,remember to empty the bag to pack some newspapers or old clothes to support the body,put into the dust bag storage . When you want to store ,do not fold and heavy pressure to avoid creases or cracks .

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