Five Ways to care for your earphones

//Five Ways to care for your earphones

Five Ways to care for your earphones

Five Ways to care for your earphones

Generally when we have earphones,we all want a high-quality listening experience. While, some people complain why their earphones are no longer working properly .  Luckily, the most of these issues can be prevented or deal with by following steps

1. Don’t stretch or tear your earphone

Be Careful when use it . If not use it , don’t stretch it from the line , instead , take off the earphone itself . Because the quality of the outer rubber is not good enough to protect the metal inside from the slightest traum

2.Wrap up your earphone

How do you wrap up when you don’t listen, please see pictures . It easily solve the problem of earphone core wrapping , and not easily open when use. Avoid metal wire broken

wrap up cable

3.Store them properly

Proper storage of your Bluetooth headphone is your first line of defense

That’s why almost Bluetooth headphone come with a storage EVA carrying case .

Bystar earphone EVA case

4.Keep them clean

Using a wet paper with alcohol wipe the surface of the earphone, pay attention to not too hard

5.Keep the dry

Please put a desiccant inside of your earphone EVA case, to keep your earphone dry

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