why choose a EVA case for your earphone ?

//why choose a EVA case for your earphone ?

why choose a EVA case for your earphone ?

Now, whether it is in the subway or the old bus, in order to have a leisure environment of its own, people will always think about wearing headphones, appreciate the music they love, and will not cause trouble to others, the headphones have become more and more Fashion Listening to music on your mobile phone is a pleasure, but every time you take out your headphones from your bag, it’s always a group of “clusters” So, is there any way to keep the headphone cable away from the entanglement? I recommend EVA earphone case.

1. Small size: you can store more electronic parts like earphone headsets, Bluetooth earphone, MP3, Key, USB cables, Memory card, USB flash disk and more. But the size of the bag may not be suitable to store USB cable and headphone cable at the same time.

bystar earphone case

2.  Zipper enclosure EVA hard case, PU leather surface and soft inner velvet cloth lining, easy to clean. Pls, See 6 ways help you care of your bag.

3. EVA material with High resilience and tensile strength, strong toughness, and good shock/cushion performance, so it is anti-shock and durable, well protect your earphone.

Bystar raw-material (1)

4. Give one extra aluminum carabiner, make your earphone carry case easy to hang up and not easy to lose

5. Also easy for men to take on pocket

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